KONE smart elevator solutions with built-in connectivity

Future-proof your building with smart elevators

An intelligent elevator experience makes your building a more attractive prospect for tenants and visitors alike. Future-proof your building with market-leading smart elevators and a smart elevator system enhanced with built-in connectivity.


KONE smart elevator solutions with built-in connectivity

Add value with a smart elevator system

Our market-leading smart elevators now come with connectivity built in. By adding intelligent elevator funtionality and services that make life easier and more convenient for users, a smart elevator system allows you to create a completely new kind of user experience.

Connected elevators open up a whole new world of possibilities


Intelligent service

KONE 24/7 Connected Services uses equipment data to enable predictive maintenance, meaning problems can be quickly identified and resolved before they can cause a breakdown or service disruption.

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Make life even easier with KONE's ecosystem partner innovations

Our growing number of ecosystem partners are developing new innovations that make life even easier for tenants. Here are just a few examples:

  • Yunji Technology – step into the digital age with autonomous service robots.
  • BlindSquare – the world’s leading navigation app for blind and visually impaired people.

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Make the building experience your own

With smart elevators you also have the freedom to develop your own smart building solutions, allowing you to further customize your smart elevator system to offer an experience that meets the needs of your building and the people who use it. Our intelligent elevator offering opens up a world of new possibilities.


Keeping your building safe and secure

To bring you peace of mind in the digital world, cybersecurity and privacy are designed into our digital services and connections. Monitoring our digital environments around the clock helps us take proper care of them for you now and in the future.

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Your smart-building solution partner

Application programming interfaces, or APIs for short, allow two applications to communicate with each other, meaning your app can work seamlessly with our connected elevators. Connected elevators open up exciting new opportunities to add value with smart building solutions from KONE and our People Flow Ecosystem partners.


Stay on top of maintenance activities

With our Equipment Status API and Service Info API you can conveniently bring the maintenance status and history of KONE equipment into your own building or asset management systems.

Explore the KONE API Portal

Smooth integration of new smart building services

With our Elevator Call API you can integrate elevator call features into your own end-user applications, for example to allow people to call elevators via their smartphone. Our Service Robot API lets you integrate autonomous robots – used for services like cleaning, delivery, and security – with KONE elevators.

Explore the KONE API Portal

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Partner solutions

The KONE People Flow Ecosystem is growing all the time, bringing new smart-building solutions for everything from accessibility and parking to entertainment and security – all of which you can easily integrate with KONE People Flow solutions.

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KONE infotainment solutions

From infotainment screens to magic mirrors for media content, KONE DX Class elevators offer a host of different ways to inform, entertain, and inspire passengers.

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